Christmas Party 2013

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Funny Lumps Christmas Party Dec 2013


It was Saturday the 7th of December. It was the Royal Overseas League in Princes Street, Edinburgh, and of course, it was raining!!!!!

Who cared about the rain though.

It was the Funny Lumps Christmas Party and everyone was about to have fun!!!! Although we have had several Christmas Parties in the past this was a first since we became Funny Lumps so it had to be bigger and better. Not only did we have one special visitor for the kids. We had three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first visitor was very special. The long awaiting debut of our very own CAL!! Yes, 6ft of purple and yellow spotted monster descended upon the party and was an instant hit with everyone. The kids loved him. Even the ones who weren’t too sure about him at first were hugging him by the end of the day. Well with one exception and we will work on Maddie!! Carlos the Clown entertained everyone with his slap-stick and magic. He made us all laugh and gasp with his magic tricks.

Next came Santa with his Ho Ho Ho and presents. What can I say? Santa and Christmas go together.

I think I can safely say everyone had a great time and the day was captured by lots of pictures but for me one moment stands out – when Rebeka met Cal.


I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as Cal did.