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Funny Lumps Family's Workshops Weekend - 11/12 April 2014


If experience has taught me anything it’s that no matter how well you plan any event there is always the worry that something will go wrong on the day, speakers won’t turn up, the kids won’t settle in the crèche, my car will break down, families can’t get there, the hotel is overbooked, the list goes on and on and the closer it gets to the date the longer the list gets.


It was my idea to have workshops and I took this to the Board last year. The trustees debated long and hard before committing to this event. What would our families want out of this event? As parents ourselves we all agreed that that one of the most important things was to give parent’s the chance to get together. The opportunity to talk to other parents is always so worthwhile. Doing the workshops over the weekend meant more opportunities for this.


Couple this with the opportunity to have a Consultant Geneticist on tap for the whole day and we felt we were ticking the right boxes!!!! Add into the mix a workshop about Autism and behaviour, another about being a carer and you start to get the idea that we could be onto a winner here. Throw in the NSCPP to help parents keep their children safe and you start to get the event coming together.


In the end the day of the event dawns and you just have to get on with it whatever happens. In this case nothing happened!!! Well nothing negative. The whole thing went really smoothly. Unbelievably smoothly. For this I have to say a huge thank you to the Stirling Management Centre, The Princess Royal Trust Carers Centre, NSPCC, Jasmine Miller from New Struan School, Stirling Council Crèche and of course our very own Educational Advisor, Marion Henry and special thanks to Dr Wayne Lam. Thanks to grants from The Robertson Trust and Awards for All we were able to offer this event at a very minimal cost to our families.


I think I can safely say the medical workshop with Wayne Lam was helpful to everyone. His afternoon clinic was attended by everyone and many fears were put to rest and advice was plentiful.


While the parents were being swamped with information the kids were having their own workshops and when not in the workshop were in the fantastic crèche. Activities were ongoing both in the workshops and the crèche. Many paintings, pottery creations and more were being produced throughout the day. There was a “fun bus” too and the kids loved lining up and marching out to the car park to board the bus. Hopefully, the workshops helped the kids too. I know they all had a fantastic time at the Young Carer’s workshop where they made totem poles. What imaginations!!!


It was a very full day for everyone and after dinner we had raffles and lots of fun with CAL. Our very own Philmari were there to entertain with the new CAL songs. The kids loved singing along to them and we hope to have the CD of the songs for sale on the website very soon. The songs were written specially for Funny Lumps by Marion and Phil Henry.

I was amazed at the stamina of some of the kids. They were still singing at 10 p.m.


After breakfast on Sunday we had the opportunity to get some really good photographs of CAL and the kids before everyone left for home.


The feedback from everyone has been so positive. The only negative comment was that it wasn’t long enough. I am taking that on board and looking to make next year even bigger and better. Yes there will definitely be a Funny Lumps Family Workshop Weekend next year and I hope even more families will be able to attend.

Lots of friendships were made over the weekend both with the adults and the kids and this is really what Funny Lumps is all about. Watching the kids having fun and feeling relaxed with each other made all the worrying and nail biting worthwhile.

I am about to start planning for next year’s event so watch this space for more info soon.