Funny Lumps Official Launch 11 Sept 2013

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Funny Lumps Official Launch Event - 11th Sept 2013




Funny Lumps was officially launched on 11th September 2013 at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. Lots of our kids and families attended the event and had a fantastic time. The event began with The Pirates Treasure Hunt which saw the children tracking down clues around the museum to claim their prizes. The treasure hunt was also sponsored which saw the kids raise over £600 for the charity. The Official Launch was also accompanied by a social media Thunderclap, which spread the word of our launch to nearly 20,000 people. During the day, presentations were given by Dr Wayne Lam, who talked about medical issues and held a question and answer session, and also Marion Henry, who discussed issues which could be encountered during the children’s time in education. The event was not only a special day for Funny Lumps but also a great chance for the children to get together and make new friends, and a chance for parents and families to get together and share their experiences and stories. All present had a fantastic time and are looking forward to future events and the future of Funny Lumps.