Sea Life Centre 2014


Funny Lumps Events




CAL and his Pals had an amazing day at the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond Shores. All the families were treated to a VIP Tour of the center by the Sea Life's Entertainment Staff, which made the visit so much more educational. The day was attended by over 50 people.


The kids got to see lots of amazing sea creatures and fish and were able to touch some of them in the center’s rock pool area.


We were blessed with a wonderful sunny day and the kids and families were able to get outside after the visit and have some fun in the woods. CAL had received a letter from his friend The Gruffalo, who asked the children to try and find his treasure in the Deep Dark Wood. Following a series of clues, amazingly, the children did find the Gruffalo’s Treasure. This then left just enough time for everyone to enjoy the park and have a little playtime.


The parents had a great opportunity to catch up with new friends and chat about their kids progress and swap tips and advice. Everyone is very much looking forward to the next event. I hope it's soon!!!