Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties



More than half of children with Nf1 will have difficulty with reading, writing, math and memory or have difficulty staying focused in the classroom.


They may also misunderstand social cues and body language leaving them feeling confused, anxious and frustrated. This can impact negatively on their school performance and social interactions.


Children with Nf1 can also have problems processing information once it gets into their brain and have difficulty making sense of the information they receive. This can make it difficult putting things in an order that makes sense, figuring out the meaning of words and organising new information.

Boys with Nf1, in particular, may have difficulty communicating what they have learned. This is a problem with language and motor output. Children with this type of problem can talk on and on with a great deal of intelligence about a wide range of topics but freeze totally when asked a specific question.


Children with Nf1 are often clumsy and uncoordinated. Typically they have difficulty with gym activities and with the fine motor skills needed for writing. A large number of children with Nf1 also have Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without hyperactivity). Attention problems often co-exist with other learning disabilities.


Despite all these problems, most children with Nf1 have relatively normal intelligence and are neither stupid nor lazy. They have significant problems with the way they learn and perceive the world and require alternative strategies to support their learning.


Children experiencing these problems should be evaluated at school in order to develop an appropriate IEP (Individualised Education Plan).


Funny Lumps is able to assist schools in understanding the specific problems faced by these children. We are able to offer a prescriptive service, matched to the individual child’s needs. Every child is different and the presentation of issues can vary. We endeavour to meet the variety of needs, offering help and support through direct contact with all concerned. In this way we can tailor our service to match the Nf1 needs. We seek to provide a service which can help alleviate any problems experienced by the child, making success and a better quality of life more achievable for all.


At Funny Lumps we believe “EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN” and has the right to receive services which will help them to achieve their full potential.

















A symptom of Nf1 is café-au-lait patches (CAL). These are brown, coffee coloured skin marks. They are usually slightly bigger than freckles but can be much bigger. Six or more of these could help with a diagnosis for Nf1.