Funny Lumps

Meet CAL. He's Funny Lumps' Mascot


Funny Lumps supports children and their families in Scotland living with Neurofibromatosis. CAL is Funny Lumps' special furry friend. CAL has Nf1 and helps our children come to terms with their condition. He is pretty severely affected by the condition but maintains a positive, cheery attitude and always smiles and tries his best.


CAL also travels around to most of Funny Lumps' events promoting the charity. He loves meeting all our supported children, their families and all of our charities supporters and well wishers.


CAL especially likes HUGS!!!


CAL also likes stories, songs, travelling, toys and school.





A symptom of Nf1 is café-au-lait patches (CAL). These are brown, coffee coloured skin marks. They are usually slightly bigger than freckles but can be much bigger. Six or more of these could help with a diagnosis for Nf1.

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