Marion Henry

Mrs Marion Henry


I have four sons, one of whom has Neurofibromatosis (Nf1). My interest in Nf1 stemmed from this situation and led me naturally into my current occupation and studies. I am a Chartered Teacher and I also have a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Educational Support. My Nf1 study and materials were developed over a five year period of Educational Research through my MSc study. Advice and materials are matched to each child’s particular needs and this intervention is making a real difference. Educational advice, support and information are offered to fellow professionals and parents through the ‘Funny Lumps’ Charity. My intention is to share this information widely, thus raising the profile of Nf1 and helping children with Nf1 to achieve success in their learning.



Nf1 can cause benign or non cancerous tumours to grow on nerves.